Welcome to the Negros Forests and Ecological Foundation, Inc

Welcome to the Negros Forests and Ecological Foundation, Inc. Our mission is to protect and conserve the forests and endangered species endemic to Negros and the Philippines.

We are a non-profit organization that relies on donations and sponsors to continue our work. We also have a breeding center for some of the most threatened species of animals where the majority of them are found only in Negros and Panay and nowhere else in the world. The center has been successful in breeding these species and plan to eventually return some of these captive-bred individuals into their natural habitat in the future. Meanwhile, sites are still being evaluated to ascertain their suitability for the release of about 100 animals who call NFEFI-BCC their home.

To learn more about what we do go to the About Us section, follow us on Facebook or come visit our Wildlife Sanctuary in Bacolod City. More information about how to find us is here.


Any help you can offer, be it through donations or your time, would be hugely appreciated. Adopting an animal, becoming a member, volunteering with us or simply donating a few pesos are just some of the ways you can get involved and fight to protect these endangered animals and forests.