Philippine Hawk-eagle

Nisaetus pinskeri

Just like other raptors, the Philippine Hawk Eagle hunts its prey with its keen sense of sight and strong claws.

Deforestation for plantation agriculture, livestock and logging throughout its range is the main threat to this species exacerbated by hunting and trapping.

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Philippine Eagle-owl

Bubo Philippensis

This is the largest owl in the Philippines which can only be found on Luzon, Catanduanes, Samar, Leyte, Bohol and Mindanao. It lives in forests and on forest edges, in the lowlands often near rivers and lakes but may also be found in coconut plantations.

This bird is a nocturnal hunter which is capable of silent flights. It feeds on small animals, especially mice and rats, which makes them exceptionally helpful in controlling rodent pests.

The center was the first ever in the world to successfully breed the Philippine Eagle Owl and it was named “Bubo”.

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Luzon Hawk-owl

Ninox philippensis centralis

Originally thought to be a single species of the owl, the Philippine hawk-owl is now known to represent seven closely related species.

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